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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roby Pinna and TJ Fastor - Slave To Space - CDM -2008

NRG Team is come back with The Italian DJ Roby Pinna and hot Italian Singer TJ Fastor. Our single is ? Slave to Space?
The song is inspired by the world of My Space.Four different versions: Club, Pop, Dance, Electro.
Slave to Space is available from May 15, 2008. Distributed by American Disco,and by the best Music Stores on Web.You Can Listen It On:

01. Slave to Space (Club Mix)
02. Slave to Space (Radio Mix)
03. Slave to Space (Xandex Mix)
04. Slave to Space (Al.Ma. Mix)
Sunday, May 11, 2008

Khrys Feat Randee - Letter To Mama - CDM - 2008

The Third CD Single For Khrys Is Out Now! Also With Cool Vocal By Randee,I Don't Know Why But The Song Is Very Sad For Me! It Is A Part Of Us! Isn't It? The Label Is DPR.

01 Letter To Mama (Radio Edit)
02. Letter To Mama (Italian Vocals Rmx)
03. Letter To Mama (Scarpi Vs Lonely Links Rmx)
04. Letter To Mama (Dj Cala Rmx)
05. Letter To Mama (Original Extended Mix)

DJ Sanny J Feat Juan Martinez - Yo Creo - CDM - 2008

Hehe LoL! I Don't Know But Sanny J Is The Most Active Artist On The Earth Planet,Take A look To His Another And New CD Single!
I Like More The Track No.2 By New Boyband Italian Vocals.

01. Yo Creo (Original Mix)
02. Yo Creo (Italian Vocals Extended Mix)
03. Yo Creo (Ajk Deejay Rmx)
04. Yo Creo (Nikita Dj Rmx)
05. Yo Creo (Angel Rmx)

The French Touch - I Feel Alone - CDM - 2008

Well It Is An Italo Dance French Project,The French Guy Gilles Munten As known From Calvaruso feat. Gilles And Grax And Also With Dj Producer Alexandre Martinelli Aka Andrea Motto As known From Pop Lovers,It Is Available On Everywhere! Easy And Simple For Find! The Label Is Old School Company BlissCo.

01. I Feel Alone [In Da Small Club]
02. I Feel Alone [In Da Small House]
03. I Feel Alone [In Da Big Club]
04. I Feel Alone [In Da Big House]
05. I Feel Alone [In Da Street]

DJ Sanny J - Dance With Me - CD - 2008

Yeah The Second Cd Album By One Of The Best Italostar In The Dance Scene Is Available For You Now! Including The Best Italo Songs Forever! Sanny J Is On The Top Of The Artist For The Month!

01. Dance with Me (Original Radio Mix)
02. Winter Time (Italo Euro Pop Mix)
03. If I Could (Radio Edit)
04. Ti Trovero (Sanny J Opera Radio Mix)
05. Yo Creo (Italian Vocals Extended Mix)
06. Amore Perfetto (Ajk Deejay Hands Up Rmx)
07. Everyday (Radio Edit)
08. Ti Sto Cercando (Chapter 2) (Deny DJ Edit Rmx)
09. Coming Back to You (Original Mix)
10. The Girl (Sanny J Opera Mix)
11. Solo Una Stella (Sanny J Opera Edit Mix)
12. Pensami Anche Tu (Dance Mix)
13. Amare (Radio Edit)
14. Perfect Storm (Radio Edit)
15. Io Vivo Con Te (Italian Raiders Edit Rmx)
16. Don't You Worry (Original Mix)
17. Day (Radio Edit)
18. Melody (Sonny Aka Edit Rmx)
19. Dance with Me (Mariucch Rmx)
Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interview With C.Y.T.

We Have A New Interview After Long Time And Specially For 2008,This Time Is For Good Friend "C.Y.T.",He Is Still Faithful To Classic Italo Dance And Like It,We Know Him From Many Years And Many Places,I Still Love His Fantastic Rmx Version For "Magic Box - If You",Finally I Received His E-mail Yesterday And Here Is Our Interview:

01) Who is C.Y.T.,Your Age And Where Do You Live?

My real name is Dominik Cydlik and I’m 31 years old. I live in Kirchschlag, a village in Upper Austria around 15km away from capital Linz. C.Y.T. is a kind of nick name and my artist name for italodance productions. It has something to do with my last name (= Cydlik) and a nick in my childhood (= CYTI)…it’s a funny word game too: C (see) Y (why) T hehe

02) How Did You Decide To Produce Songs And What Was Your First Song (Unreleased)?

When I was a teenager I started playing around with my electronic organ and recorded my first songs with 2 cassette recorders and a little mixer hehe. I cannot remember the titles of the songs, anyway noone cares cause most of these traxx were just unfinished layouts… my first experiments. 1998 I met a DJ who had a computer and a synthesizer and we both decided to work out some instrumental dance traxx and put them on album CD and sold some copies to friends and relatives. The album was called MIKE MANDERS & DJ CYT “A journey called space”…my first release.

03) What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To, Your Favorite Djs (Artists) And What Is Your First Hobby? Tell Us About Your Dj Friends Too!

I like nearly all kind of music styles, anyway because of my job and to be up to date I mainly listen to dance music especially to italodance…since my childhood music is a big part of my life, I play several instruments and also studied & teach music. My favourite artists and producers are those who are responsible for the great italo hype some years ago…productions of Eiffel 65, Gabry Ponte, Prezioso, D’Agostino, Molella and many more influenced my work…all the writers & producers behind these wonderful projects have my big respect…

04) Well, You Are The Founder Of ARC-Records! Can You Tell Us More About It!?

Not really…many years ago ARC-Records was created by my partner Roland Binder. First of all it was a production studio. 2000 I joined ARC and 2003 we created the label “ARC-Records Austria”, 2007 the publisher “ARC-AUSTRIA”.

ARC-Records unites independent label, production studio, publishing and management in one house. With regard to productions we focus on commercial Dance & Pop (Italodance, Hands Up, Eurodance, (Vocal)trance, Reggae, Radio House) and TV/Radio productions.

ARC-Records is supporting newcomers on their way to establish in music business furthermore we are pushing new ideas meaning “NO COVER” songs. ARC is standing for quality, before a project or even a remix goes out here it’s optimized best way possible…

I’m Creative Director and A&R of ARC-Records.

05) In Which Cities Or Countries Have You Done Live Shows And Would You Like To Come To Asia?

Primarily C.Y.T. is not a live act nor a DJ playing at clubs etc. Anyway besides producing am responsible for mixing our weekly radio show “C.Y.T. presents ARC-RECORDS IN THE MIX”
(for example every Sunday 20.00 – 21.00 @ www.italiandancenetwork.com) or doing megamixes for compilations (for example “Masterplate Vol. 2” or “Best 2006 Vol. 2” for Asia). We prefer to have our artists on stage for example Deep.Spirit or Masterbeat. Also new live acts of Fabrizio e Marco & other ARC artists are planned for the future. Of course it would be a pleasure for us & our acts to perform in Asia! There are a lot of Euro- & Italodance lovers!

06) Do You Think That Dance Music Is Going Through A Bad Time? Do You Have Any Opinion For Correct That! How Do You See The Future Of Italo Dance?

Interesting question and I have to be careful to keep the answer short, otherwise I will write a letter about it hehe. At the moment many things are not like they should be. Music business in general is not in its best moment. MP3 and internet caused a part of the damage and music industry and media realised too late what’s going on and did not know how to react, ignored the signs or reacted wrong way.

So now you can just try to make the best out of it and use for example the new possibilities of internet in a positive way (for example online shops, promo sites, webradios etc.) Anyway it’s not as easy as it may seem…as label you cannot just switch from single CD & vinyl market to online releases and think you will have the sales you had before hehe. It needs time until business gets used to the new situation and found a better way to deal with it…

Furthermore also the fans have to realise that it’s important to support their loved style by buying the products…downloading a song you love round the corner instead of investing around 1 Euro in an online shop for the version you like best (or a nice 9.99 EURO 1 CD Compi) will ruin producers, artists, writers & labels or force them to change (for example to another style) or stop especially those ones which do underground styles such as italodance…additionally important that fans support new ideas…not version no. 10 of a megahit of the past…this will kill motivation for everyone to invest 5x more time in writing a new song…

Producers, artists, songwriters, labels etc. have to think in another way too…at the moment many of them behave this way: “I get less so I deliver less” meaning “less incomes result in no quality or fast production or cheap cover music of the hit catalogue of the past”. This cannot be a way to fight a crisis but to make things worse.

The keyword for me is ”quality”. If you want that the situation will get better you have to go on and deliver quality…of course you have less budget and cannot pay best songwriter, singer, producer, piano player etc. but you can at least try to deliver the best possible product…a product with a singer who can at least sing a bit, correct lyrics & melodies & pronounciation and a nice production with a bit of love for the detail…

In many italo productions nowadays I do not realise quality anymore and this makes me angry. Many labels just seem to release traxx to release something…medium or poor quality…

Only with quality we can reach that Italodance is recognized again on international market besides other popular music styles…

07) What Is Your Plan And Your New Project For The Future? And Do You Have A New Song (What Is The Name Of It)? Please Tell Us The News Of ARC-Records Too!

Recently we released the follow up singles “SUN KIDZ feat. DESTINY - Wake up” including a Domasi 2008 Bonus Remix of “Lights are on” (ARC049) and a double edition of “FABRIZIO E MARCO – Fly away” (ARC050/ARC051). Then we finalised the debut single of MASTERBEAT which is called “One more try” (ARC052). Last week the new “DJ ZULAN feat. JELYA” single “Musica” (ARC053) and this week “S.T.B.” are back with their follow up “Now with love” (ARC054).

With regard to C.Y.T. news: I finished a special remix together with Bastino for “Fly away”.

The ARC coming soon list is also long: the next weeks we are working to finalise “DJ TORNY feat. MARCO – Now until forever”, “LEVEL 4 meets DJ DEAMON – Still loving you”, new MASTERBEAT singles, “BASTINO – Love you more”,
“DJ KAJJIN feat. MIMI – Take my hand”, Ukraine top 3 chart hit
“SUNRISE ELECTRO – One time”, “MODA PHUN – The secret is…” and many other projects…

Furthermore am also working on a new DANCEFIRE song and other vs Cos…

08) Is There A New Music Video From The Artists Of ARC-Records?

Nowadays for dance projects it does not make too much sense to produce & pay professional music videos since the general incomes are little. Therefore most of the videos are kind of semi-pro for promo or “making ofs”, many of them produced in house or by cooperation partners. Of course we always try to make the best out of every possibility.
For “Deep.Spirit – No cover song” we produced a promo video, also our act Masterbeat has a really nice pro video for their track “Musix inside u”. Known new ARC artists like Dr. Alban of course have videos of the one or other album track. Always check youtube or our website www.arcrecords.at for news. Am sure we’ll find time again to produce special stuff for our fans like “making ofs” or promo spots etc.

09) What Can You Say To Your Fans?

Thank you very much for supporting our work, artists, writers and (italo)dance in general! Your loved style can only survive when you keep on buying, playing & promoting it, also when it’s not in its best moment.

10) And What About My Homepage,What Is Your Rank For It?

Informative website with essential info & news about what’s happening in the italo scene. Done with love & passion. The only thing I would try to fix soon is better Firefox support, a lot of people use it nowadays…
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fabrizio e Marco - Fly Away (Italo Edition)-CDR(4 Fans Edition)-2008

Finally It Is Available For You And Specially In Italo Edition Versions,"Fly Away"
Is A Super Track For Everywhere,I Am Listeing It Everywhere Yes On University,Train,Bus,Street
...."Fabrizio e Marco" Are Really Superstars! You Can Listen To This Song Right Now!

01 Fly Away (Radio Edit)
02 Fly Away (Extended Mix)
03 Fly Away (Bastino Vs CYT Radio Edit)
04 Fly Away (Bastino Vs CYT Extended Mix)
05 Fly Away (DJ Gio Radio Edit)
06 Fly Away (DJ Gio Extended Mix)
07 Fly Away (TBM DJ Radio Edit)
08 Fly Away (TBM DJ Extended Mix)
09 Fly Away (Sander Radio Edit)
10 Fly Away (Sander Extended Mix)
11 Fly Away (SannyJ Opera Radio Mix)
12 Fly Away (SannyJ Opera Mix)

Khrys Feat.Masoc - Movin - CDM - 2008

Here Is The Another One From DPR,Great Vocal And Great Melody If You Have A Party You Should Better Play It For Dance! :D

01 Movin (Original Mix)
02 Movin (Freddy RMX)
03 Movin (Freddy Edit RMX)
04 Movin (DJ Cala RMX)
05 Movin (Frank Cardinal RMX)

DJ Sanny J Feat.Micky B - Amare - CDM - 2008

Well I Am Trying To Back To IDM And Hope U Help Me With Your Commands,Yes If U Really Like This Fansite Then You Can Easily Reply To My Topic Or Post Ur Notes On My Shutbox,Only You Can Keep Us Alive!,Here Is One Of The Newest CD Single By Good Friend "Sanny J",

01 Amare (Original Mix)
02 Amare (Radio Edit)
03 Amare (Do.Ma RMX)
04 Amare (Do.Ma Edit RMX)
05 Amare (Carsave RMX)
06 Amare (Juan Martinez RMX)
07 Amare (Red RMX)
08 Amare (Marcello Sound RMX)
09 Amare (Micky Palma RMX)
10 Amare (Dark Project RMX)

Jluis DJ - My Feeling - CDM - 2008

hehe We Are Still Alive And Please Don't Worry,I Am Very Busy These Months With My Study For The University And My Old Friend "Jluis DJ" Know More About It,Sorry Friend For My Late Respond,Here Ur Wonderful CD In My Hand Now Yes The No.1 Song For The Year "My Feeling",His Label Is DPR.

01 My Feeling (Extended Mix)
02 My Feeling (Juan Martinez RMX)
03 My Feeling (Khrys RMX)
04 My Feeling (Freddy RMX)
05 My Feeling (Carsave RMX)
06 My Feeling (Radio Edit)
Sunday, March 09, 2008

VA - DJ Player Vol.2 - CD - 2008

The Second Album Compilation "DJ Player" Is Ready For Buy! If U Remember The First Then Will Buy It Too,Well Included Brand New Songs By "DPR".By The Way The Fitst Song By My Good & Old Friend "Jluis DJ" Congratulations Dude Again! I Am Very Exciting To See You As Dj Player In Discos.Ok I Have A Travel To Dubai (In U.A.E) Tonight And Want To See New Discos / Clubs There...Ummm See Ya Soon In Weekend!

01. DJ Sanny J Feat Marco - If I Could (Original Mix)
02. Ma.Bra - The Riddle (Ma.Bra Extended Mix)
03. Lazard - Your Heart Keeps Burning (Rob Mayth Rmx)
04. Jluis DJ - My Feeling (Extented Mix)
05. Luca Zeta Vs Sander - Im Ready (2k7 Hands Up Extended Mix)
06. Philtronic Feat Randee - Your Love is for Me (Italian Vocals Style)
07. Tobix - X Me Sei Musica (Car Avantgarde Rmx)
08. Catrina - Show Me Heaven (Club Mix)
09. Khris Feat Masoc - Movin (Original Mix)
10. DJ Hyo - Party Time (Young Jun Remix)
11. Mariucch - Shake Your Body (Lento Tendenza Mix)
12. DJ Thunder and Bixlight - Back form Zurich (Original Mix)
Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fantasy Project - Stay - CD - 2007

The Second Album „STAY“ By "Fantasy Project (Andreas Steinberger / Johann Ploechl)" Is Now Available At Stores 25.2.2008.If You Want Previews And Where You Can Buy The Album Then Use This : www.musicload.de/album/3178626_2/fantasy-project/stay/item.html.
Here Is The Final Tracklist For You!,Don't Miss It Please Cos You Know Better Our Italo Albums Are Very Rare At This Years!....

01. Intro
02. Stay (Radio Edit)
03. Crazy Baby 2008 (Radio Edit)
04. Like a Fool (TBM Dj Radio Edit)
05. Don´t know Why (Dj Clad Radio Edit)
06. Fall in Love (Filterfreakz Radio Edit)
07. Spirit (Radio Edit)
08. Alone (Radio Edit)
09. Don´t let him Go (Radio Edit)
10. Secrets (Radio Edit)
11. Back Home (Christoph Mitterlehner Club Mix)
12. Don´t know Why (Alex Schörflinger Club Mix)
13. Stay (Chris Cute Club Mix)
14. Fall in Love (Chris Cute vs Libertia Club Mix)
15. Crazy Baby 2008 (Chris Cute Club MIx)
16. Like a Fool (TBM Dj Club Mix)
Sunday, February 17, 2008

Luca Zeta - Welcome To My World - CD - 2008

The Second Album By My Old And Near Friend "Luca Zeta" Is Available For Order And On Stores Now! "Welcome To My World" It Is Included New Tracks And New Versions By His Old Famous Songs! ,You Can Find It Everywhere For Buy And Don't Need Me For Guide!


1. "Over The Clouds" is a heavenly dance song that in the beginning reminds to Danijay thanks to the bassline. It sounds very romantic and melodic with orchestral sounds like a piano and violin. It speaks about immortality of the soul and the power of love over death. This song takes inspiration from the famous symphony “Canon” [real title “Canon and Gigue in D major for three Violins and Basso Continuo”] of the composer/musician Johann Pachelbell [Nuremberg 28/08/1653 – Nuremberg 03/03/1706]. Many great artists taken inspiration from this music for their songs like, as example, Village People [Go West], Oasis [Don’t Look Back In Anger], Aphrodite’s Child [Rain And Tears], Celine Dion [To Love You More], Kylie Minogue [I Should Be So Lucky] and many others.

2. "My Angel" is remixed by DJ Robbie from Germany, the intro gives an early 2000 italodance/disco touch to the song (think to for example Billy More) and is a good alternative for the original version.

3. "Take Me" is a nice and sweet love song with a happy euro melody.

4. "Don’t Forget It" is a new remixed track by Fabrizio e Marco. It contains the typical and powerful F.e M. style and has a fantastic and very romantic piano break at position 2m50s, Marco is additional singing in this version together with Luca Zeta, a very good combination and very well done voice mixing what a song!

5. "Listen To Your Heart" starts somewhat quietly with a dreamy synthstring followed by a basekick and gives together with the leadsynth a trancy and dreaming influence to the song what makes this a powerful melodic song with a heavenly atmosphere and a solid italobass.

6. "Hold Me Tonight" is a track that you may know from Luca Zeta his first album. This version is a very good alternative dreaming euro-danceversion remixed by Overland. As you may notice this new Luca Zeta album is full of emotions and good melodies!

7. "Oh l' amour" is a dance/electronic remake of an eighties song originally performed by Erasure. This new version is sung by Luca Zeta and co-produced by Control C.

8. "Song Of Joy" is a remix of an earlier released Luca Zeta single with Jordi Carreras and Mark. This time the remixers are DJ Carmixer and DJ Evas, they have produced some remixes lately, this is one of them and they are getting more and more popular with their powerful and melodic style.

9. "Welcome To My World" is the title of the album and also the name of this track. It is produced together with Sander and is a very good mix between Italo & Hands Up with a (Sander) recognising synthlead. Could be a very good choice as a first single taken from the album.

10. "Take Your Time" is also a co-production with Sander. It was released on the “ZetaZeroSix” e.p. but this is a new remix, a first jumpstyle experience for Luca and Sander. So for all the happy jumpers this is a good track to jump around with.

11. "Flames Of Love" is a remake/remix of an 80's ItaloDisco song (from Germany) by Fancy what was also included on the first Luca Zeta album, this time it is remixed in D@ny85 style, a breathtaking romantic track with a great melody.

12. "Ragazzo mio" is an (in populairity growing) Lento Violento style cover version of an Italian song from 1964. The singer/composer Luigi Tenco committed suicide in 1967 during the Festival of Sanremo. The lyrics are a message from a father to his son.

13. "I Think I Could Fly" is the real surprise on this album full of dance music! The final song is a slow and romantic ballad with almost no effects and filters on the voice of Luca to result it more natural fitting this track, all this ingredients gives an early 80's atmosphere to this song (Savage).

This review is done by Ellen & McWaust (Thank You Friends),And Hope Luca Come Here Again! I Need His Official News For "ItaloDanceMp3" Too.

01. Over the Clouds
02. My Angel (DJ Robbie Remix)
03. Take Me
04. Dont Forget it (Fabrizio E Marco Recipe)
05. Listen to Your Heart
06. Hold Me Tonight (Overland Remix)
07. Oh Lamour
08. Song of Joy (DJ Carmixer and DJ Evas Remix)
09. Welcome to My World
10. Take Your Time (Jumpcore Remix)
11. Flames of Love (Dany 85 DJ Remix
12. Ragazzo Mio
13. I Think I Could Fly
Monday, February 11, 2008

Altar Boys - Rusty - CDS - 2008

And Finally The Fifth CD Single For Today And From Popular Label Bit Records,The Third Song By Old Italo Dance Boys "Altar Boys".It Is A Classical Italo Dance And Remind Me The Cool Songs By Forever Group "Eiffel 65",Yes The Same Style!,So If You Are An Old Italo Music Fan Then Buy It!,They Are My Favorite Group Too And Move Your Body For 2008 Now!

01. Rusty (Original)
02. Rusty (The Produxer Mix)

Italian Lovers - Loosing - CDM - 2008

The Best Of The Best Is The Fourth,Super Song ! Included Amazing Versions! You Can Listen To Beautiful Sounds Piano,Violin,Accordion.....Yes I Like It 10000 Respect To This Artist "Italian Lovers" And Thank To Him For Make This! Pure And Lovely Italo Style! I Will Order It Now!

01. Loosing (Dario Synth D-ZoNe IT RMX)
02. Loosing (Frank Cardinale Pop Mix)
03. Loosing (Original Extended Mix)
04. Loosing (Original Radio Edit)
05. Loosing (Purenergy Mix)

DJ Juan Martinez And Manu GZ - Tell Me Why - CDM - 2008

The Third New CD From Label Bit Records And Was Released On Yesterday! Well Here Is The New Song By Very Young Producers "DJ Juan Martinez And Manu GZ".Look At The Tracklist Many Artists On This! So That's Valuable.

01. Tell Me Why (Acapella)
02. Tell Me Why (Dany 85 Remix)
03. Tell Me Why (Dario Synth Hpdj Remix)
04. Tell Me Why (Dj Blisco's Amore Concept)
05. Tell Me Why (Dj Martinez & Frank Cardinal Remix)
06. Tell Me Why (Dj Zulan Remix)
07. Tell Me Why (Extended Mix)
08. Tell Me Why (Freddy Remix)
09. Tell Me Why (Handz Up Remix)
10. Tell Me Why (Instrumental Version)
11. Tell Me Why (Overland Concept Remix)
12. Tell Me Why (Radio Version)

Double Mind - Lonely Times - CDM - 2008

The Second And Out On Yesterday! Another New Artist "Double Mind",I Like New Artists And Always Want To See More Producers On The World Of Italo Dance.

01. Lonely Times (Original Mix)
02. Lonely Times (Dj Mauro Vay GF Remix)
03. Lonely Times (Guitar Mix)
04. Lonely Times (Dub Mix)

Dance Makers - Be My Lover - CDM - 2008

Ok We Are Near Now! For 2008! First Is By "Dance Makers" And Available On All Dance CD Stores Now! Bit Records ONE MORE TIME!

01. Be My Lover (Marco Skarica Extended Mix)
02. Be My Lover (Marco Skarica Radio Mix)
03. Be My Lover (Rapture Extended Mix)
04. Be My Lover (Rapture Radio Mix)
05. Be My Lover (Red Passion Mix)
06. Be My Lover (The Produxer Mix)

V.A. - Deejay Traxx 5 - CD - 2007

Exactly At The End Of Year 2007! Selected By The Label Fluida Records,What Is Your Opinion About The Tracklist? Good!

01. Labotorio sonoro - im falling down
02. Vin emotivo - forever young (orchestral maestra)
03. Astoria project - western march (42nd street mix)
04. Tony delta and sfa - l americano (logic boy mix)
05. Dark angel feat alicia - shy (extended mix)
06. Dj torny feat daniele meo - sei la mia favola (favara mix)
07. Gotik and j aar jv - my lover (extended mix)
08. De pump - the moved song (original extended)
09. Iklip - turning for you (ma bra remix)
10. Gucci one - children (2007 reworked)
11. Giakomo - tu mi fai impazzire (original extended mix)

Ragachildren Feat Ronnie Jones - My Fire - CDM - 2007

Another Italo And Another Bit Records,I Don't Know These Artists Too,Hope They Come And Introduce Themselves Here! :D

01) My Fire (Dj Mauro Vay GF Rmx)
02) My Fire (Original Version)
03) My Fire (Braxx Minimal Mix)
04) My Fire (Miskia Soulful Mix)
05) My Fire (Pop Version)
06) My Fire (Dj Mauro Vay GF Radio Rmx)

Lady Naike-Silent Trees / High Upon The Sky-E.P. CDM-2007

Fantastic Song! And Really Pure Italo Style,I Don't Know More About This New Artist,Hope To Have An Interview With Her! Yes "Lady Naike" With Her New E.P. CDM! And From Bit Records.

01. Silent Trees (Super Mario Extended Mix)
02. Silent Trees (Enzino Fairytale Remix)
03. Silent Trees (X Perimental Lab Mix)
04. Silent Trees (Super Mario Radio Edit)
05. Silent Trees (Enzino Radio Fairytale)
06. High Upon The Sky (Extended Mix)
07. High Upon The Sky(Radio Edit)

Tarquini And Prevale-Never Meet / Sognami-E.P. CDM-2007

Another New E.P. And By The Guys From M2o.Digital Release? No! It Is Real CDM Now! :D

01. Never Meet (Tarquini And Prevale Italo Mix)
02. Never Meet (Made In Italy Mix)
03. Never Meet (Overland Extended)
04. Never Meet (Scarpi Vs Lonely Links Re Style Extended)
05. Sognami (Original Mix)

Simox DJ - Feel The Rhythm - CDS - 2007

Another New Italo Song And By "Simox DJ",The First Version Is Cool And By "Mauro Vay" The Owner Of Bit Records.

01) SimoX DJ - Feel The Rhythm (Dj Mauro Vay GF Rmx)
02) SimoX DJ - Feel The Rhythm (Original)

Daniele De Bellis - Elena / Dimmi - E.P. CDM - 2007

Sorry Sorry I Am Very Busy These Days! And Forgot This Good CD,The Newest Songs By "Daniele De Bellis" And Including Nice Versions By "The Produxer" And "Emyott",The company Is Old Bit Records.

01) Elena (The Produxer Rmx)
02) Dimmi (Emyott Remix)
03) Dimmi (Pop Version)
04) Dimmi (Emyott Instrumental Remix)
05) Dimmi (Acappella 3'30")
Saturday, January 26, 2008

V.A. - Italo Fresh Hits 2008 - 2CD - 2008

Finally It Is Available On All CD Stores Now! After Many Offer Tracks For Put On This Double CD Compilation,Here Is The Italo Fresh Hits 2008 Edition By German Label ZYX,Look At This Pretty Tracklist All The Songs Are Pure Italo Danza 100% And It's One Of The Best Italo Compilation In A Few Years Ago! Why? = All Tracks Are Italo!!! By They Way Listen To The Return Of "Nowak".I Ordered It Now!!!

CD 01

01 Gazebo - Ladies (Dom Scuteri Remix)
02 Double Face Feat Masoc - Follow A Dream (Khrys Remix)
03 Dj Kajjin Feat Estefania - Music Is Fantasy (Original Radio)
04 Fabrizio e Marco - Fly Away (Radio Edit)
05 Disc Jockeyz - My Italia (Radio Edit)
06 Nowak - Dont Go (Radio Edit)
07 Redrox Feat Randee - Give Me Emotions (Made In It & Red Rmx)
08 Marc Korn Vs Dj Squared - Summer Of Love 2008 (Dancephonic Short Remix)
09 Khrys Feat Masoc - Movin (Original Mix)
10 Prezioso And Marvin - Touch Me
11 Dj Sanny J Feat Fabrizio e Marco - Everyday (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe)
12 Warm Destiny - Call Me To Fly (Remix)
13 STB - The Way You Do (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe)
14 Dottorigor - In My Life Again (The Producer Remix)
15 Frank Ti Aya Feat Yardi Don - One Love World Love (Radio Edit)
16 Stefy NRG - Music Is My Life (San-R-G Radio Edit)
17 Simox Dj - Feel The Rhythm (Dj Mauro Vay Gf Radio Rmx)
18 Masterbeat - Fading Away (Orginal Radio Remix)
19 Red Dj Feat A Dj - By My Side (Roxado Rmx)
20 Dj Power - My Love For You (Radio Edit)

CD 02

01 The Soundlovers - Run Away (Claudio Tiganello's Disco Express Radio Mix)
02 Dj Sanny J Feat Marco - If I Could (Radio Edit)
03 Dj Sonic Feat Isis - Fall In Love (Original Radio Version)
04 Italian Rockaz - La Donna (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe)
05 Strings - Catch A Fall (Radio Edit)
06 Tarquini And Prevalle Made In Italy - Never Meet (Tarquini And Prevalle Italo Radio Mix)
07 Commercial Club Crew - La Luna (Radio Cut)
08 Double Face Feat Randee - Last Summer (Dj Valenziano Radio Edit Mix)
09 Dj Andrew Feat Airy - Non Lo So (Radio Edit)
10 Manu GZ And Marcos Magan - Credimi (Destination Sicily Radio Edit)
11 Deep Spirit - Youre Makin Me High (Ozi Radio Edit)
12 Dj Martinez Feat Small Town Boys - Forever In My (Original Radio Edit)
13 Corona - La Playa Del Sol (Original Radio Edit)
14 X Code - Memories (Forget Radio Mix)
15 Excess - Pyramid (Remix)
16 Iridama - Color My World (Original Radio Edit)
17 Elektra Forward - Love Delight (Gith Radio Edit)
18 Dj Blisco Feat Marco - Without You (Fabrizio e Marco Radio Recipe)
19 Overland Feat Kimmy - You Make Me Feel Good (Original Radio Mix)
20 Gabry Ponte - Movin On (Rework 2007)
Sunday, January 20, 2008

DJ Maraach - Solstice - Promo CDR - 2008

This Is Our First New Single For 2008 And By Old And Popular Artist "DJ Maraach",Si He Is Back! "Solstice" Is An Other Italo Dance Classical Style! You Can Buy It Soon On Every CD Stores Online And Non-online.I Will Play It Here Soon!..Be Happy!...

01. Solstice (Extended Mix)
02. Solstice (Radio Edit)
03. Solstice (Solstizio Mix)
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away,New Single!

Comimg Soon! The New Single By Austrian Band "Fabrizio E Marco",This Is Their Official Third Song And The Follow Up Of "Call It Love" And "Everyday" Which Released On May And December 2007.
Including Many Versions By Different Artists,I Love This Song Very Much And Don't Know How To Tell You My Feel Only Know You Can Use It For Your Big Parties,Here You Can Download Free Samples (Tnx To C.Y.T. And IDP(Italo Dance Portal)):

Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Radio Edit)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Extended Mix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Dj Gio Remix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Sander Remix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Kriz Van Dale Remix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Clubraiders Radio Mix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Sun Kidz Mix)
Fabrizio E Marco - Fly Away (Max Kay Remix)

By The Way This Is Only Half Of The Package At The Moment,More Versions Are On The Way!,It Will Be 14 Tracks
Sunday, January 13, 2008

Italian Rockaz - La Donna - CDR - 2007

Available In CDR For You Now! You Can Order It From German Label Balloon Records,The Second Single By "Thomas And Mario Aka Italian Rockaz",I Love Their First Hit "Il Mio Amore" Too,But "La Donna" Has Great Versions By Famous Stars "Fabrizio E Marco","Glozzi","DJ Zulan" And "Domasi",Well It Was In Mp3 From 09 Nov 07 On www.JunoDownload.com So Far.
By The Way The Third Song Is Coiming "Bella Italia".

01 La Donna (Original Radio Edit)
02 La Donna (Fabrizio E Marco Radio Recipe)
03 La Donna (Glozzi Remix)
04 La Donna (DJ Zulan Remix)
05 La Donna (Domasi Remix)
06 La Donna (Original Club Mix)
07 La Donna (Fabrizio E Marco Extended Recipe)
Saturday, January 12, 2008

V.A. (Slow Man) - Dentro Piove E.P. - CDM - 2007

It Is The Last CD For DPR On 2007,I Can't Call It Italo Dance But We Know It As LENTO VIOLENTO.

01 Slow Man - Dentro Piove
02 Slow Man - Decibel
03 Slow Man - Piano Forte
04 Slow Man - Traktor Man
05 Dj Moncho & Carlos VL - A Pasa De Carga

Dj Sanny J And D Valenziano Feat.Elektra Forward-Amore Perfetto-CDM-2007

Hehe Perhaps This Song Is Very Old For You And Knew It From Super Compilation "VV.AA D.P.R. SELECTA" Which Was Released On 03/2007 But Here Is The Final CDM For You And Got Out With Other DPR's CDS.

01 Amore Perfetto (Original Mix)
02 Amore Perfetto (Casanova Dj Rmx)
03 Amore Perfetto (Freddy Rmx)
04 Amore Perfetto (Destroyer 86 Rmx)
05 Amore Perfetto (Deny Dj Rmx)

Dj Sanny Feat Agata - Dont You Worry - CDM - 2007

Finally Available On All Italian CD Stores,This Song Was One Of The Old Popular Song By "Dj Sanny J" And He Released It On His Company Disco Planet Records (DPR) Now!,I Think It's Time For Order It From www.Americandisco.net But You Can Do It From DPR Too!,Only Fill The Order Form.

01 Don't You Worry (Original Mix)
02 Don't You Worry (Pop Rock Mix)
03 Don't You Worry (Dany DJ Remix)
04 Don't You Worry (T Caruso & D Valenziano Rmx)

Tobix - X Me 6 Musica E.P. - CDM - 2007

Hola! I Love The Bass :D,Here Is An E.P. With The Newest Songs By Italo Professional Dj "Tobix",It Is Released On Disco Planet Records And In The Last Week Of Last Year!,All Songs Are The Pure Italo Style As In My Childhood,Yes True! The Classical CD = Hurry Up For Buy And Please Don't Miss It.

01 X Me 6 Musica (Car Classic)
02 X Me 6 Musica (Car Avantgarde Rmx)
03 Apri Le Tue Mani (Car Mjet Dinamic)
04 Apri Le Tue Mani (Car Mjet Active)
05 Sei Splendida (Car Attraction)
06 Sei Splendida (Dj Carmixer & Dj Evas Rmx)
07 Sei Splendida (Pop Version)
Friday, January 11, 2008

Control C - Bang Bang - CDM - 2007

1 Of The Pure Italo Dance Song At The Moment! 100% Italo Quality,The New Group "Control C" Is By "DJ Molla" And "DJ Marquis",They Are Two Young Producers From The Label Lego Records,You Can Buy It From Old Dj Store "Americandisco",Try And Enjoy It! :D

01. Bang Bang (Original Fm)
02. Bang Bang (Original Ext)
03. Bang Bang (Euromix)
04. Bang Bang (F&M Project Rmx)
05. Io No (Sweet Mix)
Sunday, January 06, 2008

Whigfield - Think Of You (New Original Master)-Promo CDM-2007

Finally It Is Available At CD Stores Now,Well We Could See It At Online MP3 Shops Too.
The Final Tracklist Is Ready Now For Buy!,"Whigfield" Is back With Another Hot Song And Included Cool Versions By "Gabry Ponte" And "Sunloverz",The Label Is Old Company Offlimits Production.

01. Think Of You (Sunloverz Big Room Mix)
02. Think Of You (Gabry Ponte Remix)
03. Think Of You (F&A Factor Remix)
04. Think Of You (Favretto & Yanz Remix)
05. Think Of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix)
06. Think Of You (Album Version)
07. Think Of You (Sunloverz Big Room Mix Instrumental)
08. Think Of You (Gabry Ponte Remix Instrumental)
09. Think Of You (F&A Factor Remix Radio Edit Instrumental)
10. Think Of You (Favretto & Yanz Remix Instrumental)
11. Think Of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix Instrumental)
12. Think Of You (Sunloverz Big Room Mix Edit)
13. Think Of You (Gabry Ponte Remix Radio Edit)
14. Think Of You (F&A Factor Remix Radio Edit)
15. Think Of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix Radio Edit)
Italo Dance Mp3

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